Introduction: The importance of ESG Reporting

In today’s business world, ESG Reporting – reporting on environmental, social and governance aspects – is essential. Companies are required to be transparent about their sustainability practices both to meet regulatory requirements and to build investor and customer confidence. 

Integration of ESG into SAP systems

SAP systems are central to ESG Reporting. They enable the efficient collection, processing, and analysis of ESG data and provide a platform for centralized data management. This leads to improved data quality and consistency.

Advantages of SAP integration:
// Automated data capture: minimizes manual errors and saves time.
// Centralized data management: Enables a coherent overview of ESG data.

Best Practices for ESG Reporting for SAP

Successful ESG Reporting in SAP requires:
1. ensuring data quality: regular review and validation of ESG data.
2. transparent stakeholder communication: clear presentation of ESG goals and progress.
3. regular report updates: adapting reports to current standards and findings

Typical challenges:
// Data integration: Challenges in integrating different data sources.
// Regulatory adjustments: Need for rapid response to changes in ESG standards.

Solution approaches:
// Specialized SAP modules: Use of modules for improved ESG data integration.
// Flexible reporting: Use of adaptable tools for dynamic reporting.

Future trends in ESG Reporting

Future developments include:
// Advanced analytics capabilities: Use of AI for deeper ESG data insights.
// Integrated sustainability solutions: Development of specialized ESG modules in SAP.

What is the SAP Sustainability Control Tower?
An innovative tool that provides a comprehensive overview of sustainability performance. It enables real-time analysis and flexible reporting of ESG data and supports companies in the efficient pursuit of their ESG goals.

Core functions of the SAP Sustainability Control Tower:
// Real-time dashboard: Up-to-date insights into key ESG metrics.
// Customizable reports: Customized reports for different stakeholders.
// Target tracking: Support for monitoring progress against sustainability targets.

ESG data in the SAP system
There is a lot of data that you need for your sustainability report and most of it can already be found in your SAP system if it has been maintained correctly.

Individual support for your ESG Reporting Readiness
We help you to prepare your SAP system for the new ESG Reporting regulations. To accomplish that, IBIS Prof. Thome AG offers a comprehensive solution with the following advantages:

// Customization: specific focus on your company’s needs.
// Selective and secure data extraction: Only required data from your SAP system is analyzed and presented
// Transparent evaluation of the current coverage: What data does already exist in your system and what are the gaps?
// Recommendations for action: Support through clear action steps to ensure completeness, compliance, and relevance of your ESG report. 

First insights into the IBIS Prof. Thome AG tool:
The following video in German gives a first insight into the new solution of IBIS Prof. Thome AG: